ggordan | Gordan Grasarevic
React Infinite Grid demo January 2015

react-infinite-grid is a React component which renders a grid of React elements. It’s different because it only renders the elements that the user can see (and a small buffer) meaning that it is well suited for displaying large amounts of data.

Convert .mov to .avi using ffmpeg October 2013

When I was using a Macbook as my primary machine, I had obsessive need to organise all my media (music, TV Shows, and movies) into iTunes. This was tricky mostly with video files as iTunes requires you to have mp4/mov files, so I went through the long processes of converting all of my videos to that format using iFlicks. But when I switched to Ubuntu the vast majority of my videos had no audio, so it was ffmpeg to the rescue.

OpenCV bindings for Go May 2013

I was working with the OpenCV bindings for Go, and came across an the following issue from the get go:

Ubuntu 12.10 and nvidia drivers April 2013

After a seemingly innocent kernel update to 3.5.0-27 my nvidia drivers went crazy and stopped working. Should have been simple enough to fix, but somehow after a reinstall and reboot I was stuck at a black screen with a blinking cursor and my keyboard not working so I was unable to enter a tty. In case you find yourself in a problem like this, try the following which worked for me.

Localizing Taxonomy Terms in Views (Drupal 7) December 2012

Recently I was working on a multilingual Drupal 7 website which stored categories in taxonomies, and required the use of the views modules to display the items for those categories. This was all great, and the default taxonomy term language was displaying fine, however when switching languages to see its localised content, it would still display the original.

CSS issue with Firefox and Opera October 2012

Update – The Opera team has responded very quickly to fix the bug regarding positioned elements with a rotate transformation, on the next iteration of their browser, 12.10.